people look at you funny when you go to the museum by yourself.

by - 5/24/2018

this is not the air force museum. it is, however, a museum, and i love it.
"Are you here with anybody?" the [very nice] volunteer at the air force musem asks me, when I ask a question about one of the exhibits. they always mean it kindly and curiosly, but there's that moment where they look around for your family or your boyfriend or your friends and squint a little. "Why are you here by yourself?" they probably mean. when we go to the museum or to see a movie or to any sort of event you reach for someone else, you ask a friend group, you ask your brother, you take your mom. we're social people, and that's good; there's value in the company of people you love and experiencing things with them.

truthfully, i just like to go to the museum by myself sometimes!

letting myself go to the movies by myself was a bit of a freeing thing. i could take up one seat, i could see whatever i wanted at whatever time i wanted, i only needed to worry about snacks for one, and i could walk out and drive home alone, mulling over the thing i just saw and whether i liked or hated it. so i started doing it more. i still go with friends and family, and treasure those moments, but i try to get myself out to a movie every so often with just my good friend aimee, for a couple hours of time to think. it's awkward, and people give you looks, waiting for someone to come in and sit beside you, but when the movie starts, nobody cares! and you have that experience all to yourself. (seriously, go to a morning showing of a movie you want to see. by yourself. isn't it nice?)

please look at this spitfire and enjoy it as much as i enjoyed seeing the ones when i went???
Photo by paul jespers on Unsplash

i go to the art museum by myself sometimes. i say goodbye to my family after church, pick up some coffee, and venture on over to the city, which isn't as much fun as what's in it. when you go to the art museum you can take your time. you can stand by one painting for fifteen minutes and look at the details without worrying about the person with you getting bored. you don't have to talk about what you think about the art. you can wander as you'd like, soaking in some quiet, thinking your own thoughts. (take a notebook to the art museum with you! write down all the thoughts in your brain! make yourself look at things for a couple of minutes! TAKE IN THE ARTS.)

over the weekend i went to the air force museum by myself. that one was new. the last time i was there i went with family and chaos and rushing little kids through before they got tired of walking through all the hangars and the coolness of all those airplanes gave way to hunger. this time i stopped and read all the panels. pilots are cool people, and there's a lot of cool and tragic stories to take in as a result. it's nice when you can sit down and read those stories. look at their pictures. look at their goggles or boots or plane or whatever the museum has. realize that's a real person. travel through history through the eyes of a specific field for a bit. (i don't know if you are lucky enough to live in ohio/have an air force museum near you, but if you do, you should go! all those boring history details they put on plaques are pretty fantastic.)

the truth is, we like to see it as sad to go places by yourself, whether that's a museum or a movie or a hike. but there's so much value in it. (especially if you're a creative person.) you're filling your brain! you're absorbing things and stretching and growing! taking an afternoon to get a little lost in your own thoughts and surround yourself with good things is healing. it's relaxing. it's important. and even for my extremely extroverted soul, it's a whole lot of fun.

go do stuff. explore. get lost in the air force museum. take some time to feed your brain.

it's probably worth it.

and there are cool planes.

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  1. I love that! Although I would probably be bored (I get bored easily) I love this post! I say that a lot don't I haha. Museums are just so cool right?!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  2. I think I need to start going to more places by myself.

  3. This post was so great! I often don't go to places like museums and movies unless I have someone with me just because of my fear of standing out, but I really think I have to get over that so that I can take some time with myself and soak in whatever there is to offer without distraction.

  4. Hmm I really like this! I actually volunteer at a museum, so I go to museums by myself rather often, but I never get to sit and think. I need to do that more!

  5. great post! i have a large family so i'm used to not going places by myself, but when i do, it's so freeing, and i really don't mean that in a bad way. it's just quietness and your thoughts. i too, think society pushes the idea we should always be with others, and it's sort of unhealthy to think about.

  6. this is such a cool angle to look at doing things by yourself. I think it's so important in this world to learn how to do things by yourself, without others. I love people, but you're right, doing things by yourself is also so beautiful <3 Great challenge in this post :)

  7. Doing things by yourself is such a wonderful feeling. Your words have the most beautiful quality, and I could read them every day for the rest of my life and die happy.


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