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by - 4/12/2018

the 'stuff' is a novella so you should really read the rest of this

Something awesome, actually. 

Since last year, I've been tinkering with a particularly exciting thing. It's not the sort of thing I normally do, and it's a bit of a scary thing, but it feels like it's time to start showing y'all some of my work, and I can't think of a story I'd rather showcase than this novella.

So starting on Saturday, I'll be releasing segments of my gangster/family/blood-curse/mystery novella, THEIR BLOOD BE LAID.

To which you say,

"This is short notice, and I don't even know what it's about."

Short notice, yes. I meant to hype it up but between lots of traveling and basically graduating high school (heyooo) time has been short. So you're getting notice now, and hopefully we pick up steam along the way. I'll post it both here on the blog and on Wattpad, depending on your preferences. A SHORT SUMMARY:

There are things that Áine Tracey knows about her family. She knows that the family legacy is a long, bloody one, and that her father holds New York City's drug trade in two tight hands. She knows that one day she'll be a part of it, but she never expected to find that out by waking up covered in blood that's not her own.

Blood curses run deep, and Áine is unwilling to accept the inevibility that once the blood starts, it won't end until a family member dies. The interruptions and snooping of mediocre reporter Laslo Hugh is just one more annoyance she's determined to solve. Laslo, however, has other plans -- the Tracey family is a black hole of secrets just waiting to be uncovered, and he intends to be the one reporter they can't buy off, blood curses and bleeding girls be damned. Their investigation leads them into the events surrounding the curse as the death toll spikes, and in the end, Áine may be forced to take family matters into her own hands.

I've had a lot of fun during the long process of writing this novella, and I'm looking forward to letting y'all read it, so, y'know, you can CRY. This one comes with a disclaimer -- it's quite bloody (I wouldn't say gory, but yknow), and I haven't shied away from harsher language. So if you prefer things clean, this isn't for you! I get it, but it didn't feel right to hold back on this one, and it's by nature going to be slightly intense. 

Section #1 releases on SATURDAY. This Saturday, the 14th (short notice!), and like I said, it'll be available on both Wattpad and this blog, whichever you'd rather have. I'll post links all over the place once it's done.

You should read it. Just saying.

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  1. Ahhhh I'm looking so forward to reading it!

  2. Congrats! I look forward to reading it. I do prefer cleaner books/novellas, but I'll still check it out. :D

    Ivie Writes
    Ivie Brooks, Author

  3. I literally put this novella release in my phone calendar, just so I wouldn't forget to read it. 😂

    I'm 10/10 looking foreword to reading this bloody, intense masterpiece and I can't wait to cry over your work. (Also, lemme know when Pariah gets published cause imma be the first person to fly over to Amazon and get myself a copy.)

    1. Oh my gosh you're so nice THANK YOU

    2. No THANK YOU for sharing your masterpiece with us;)

  4. sounds intruiginggg! I'm excited to see you are posting this and look forward to reading it. bring on all the intensity! ;)

  5. your novella sounds amazing, really looking forward to reading it!!

  6. *FLAAAAAAILS* THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I soak up EVERY snippet you post and have been dying to read more Aimee genius. And now we get a whole story??? I AM ALL THE EXCITED.

    This sounds so grungy and intriguing and epic and I CAN'T WAIT!

  7. I. am. so. hype. for. this! I literally can't wait to read this Aimee! I love your writing and your work so much!

  8. That synopsis was so good. Just teach me your ways, gosh darn it.

  9. Dude I'll let you know when I figure it out because synopsises are always hit or miss for me



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