some things i've been up to and some things i'll be doing soon

by - 2/22/2018

We're just going to pretend I never left.

The last time I posted was... last year. 

You're allowed to smack me now. 

But it was! And last year, I didn't know what 2018 would be like in any way. It's a big one for me and all of that uncertainty left me a little lost. I'm still lost, wandering around in the jungle running from random smoke monsters and such, but my life is starting to take shape bit by bit. The next steps are a little more clear. A plan for the year is falling into place, especially in the aspect of creative things. So in the interest of easing back into this space, I wanted to let y'all know what I've been up to and what I'm going to be doing, since so much of it is things you'll be able to see! 

Hype, and all that.


Tweeting! I think most of you either follow me on twitter or found me through twitter, because I live there, but that's fine. I'm most active on there and lately I've been tweeting about my creative process, storytelling, and frustrations I have with various other stories. Because apparently I am fond of tweet-thread rants. You also get frequent cat updates, so, y'know, bonus. 

Podcasting! For whatever reason this hasn't made it on the blog in a while in any major capacity, but I have a science-fiction story podcast called BRIGHT EYES and our entire first season is now wrapped-up. It's a story about aliens and being a teenager and spaceships and taking control of your life and how it feels to grow up and not know what's going on, and I'm lucky to be working with some of my favorite people on said podcast. They bring so much talent to the table in their voicework and music and sound-editing and just general talent. We're working on season 2 right now and we have a multi-character cast and so many exciting things in the works! If you haven't listened to it you should listen to it. Come on. Because you love me. We're on Soundcloud! iTunes podcasts! Youtube! The void! Join us! If you're not sold please take a second to admire Stacia's cover artwork because it makes me cry.
look. look at this. tell me you don't like this. you can' t, you say?
that's because it's beyond amazing. go admire stacia's art.

Writing! My current projects are Bright Eyes, of course, but also... you guessed it. Pariah. My steampunk murder mystery returns for some intensive editing but that's a given. Only this time...I'm as close to the end as I'll ever be. That's a bizarre feeling and a hard one to process, which is probably why it's taken me so long to process, but I'm proud of this story I've created, and hopefully I'll be able to pull it together and share some snippets and such with you soon! You know, so you can admire me too.

Working! As a proud Starbucks barista and lowkey coffee-addict now. I'd be lying if I said all that free coffee wasn't a priority reason to work here, but even looking past that, this job has been such a good one for me. I have fantastic coworkers with whom to get up to shenanigans, all the coffee I could want, a store I love, and basically ten billion reasons to enjoy almost all of my shifts. except the whole customer service thing, that's not a bright side. but i can overlook it. I'm working ALL THE HOURS and I'm happy about that.

Experimenting with film! Movies and TV are something I've developed an interest for over the past few years or so, and now something I'm seriously considering pursuing for a one-day career. The idea of not just writiing but directing too is something that appeals to me and something I've been fiddling about with for some months now! So I've been learning a lot about behind-the-scenes aspects of filmmaking, camera stuff, script-writing, what I like in movies and what I don't, and so on. I've been filling a notebook with thoughts as I watch movies and dedicating myself to watching classics and let me tell you, I've learned a lot that way. Can't overestimate the value of surrounding yourself with the kind of content you want to create and paying attention to it. You might not benefit from intensive note-taking like I do, but you're going to get something out of it, no matter what.

see here: actual footage of me

dun. dun. dun.

Podcast. Self explanatory but really, you should listen to it. For me.

Short story! At this moment in time I'm working on a short(ish) story about an Irish crime family in New York and a blood curse and a rather adorable reporter, and I'll be releasing it in segments probably starting in March! As of now I'll be using Wattpad, but who knows what I'll land on in the end. Either way, you'll all get to read it, and I'll let you know when it's out.

More short stories! Up next: a short (actually short) story series of sci-fi Shakespeare retellings. I'd like them to be rather short so I can get through... ALL THE SHAKESPEARE PLAYS. This is a lot, so I might not in the end, but it's a fun challenge for my imagination and the lack of sci-fi Shakespeare retellings is a tragedy, so here we go. I'll release those as I write them as well.

(There are several different short story collection projects like this I'd like to try in the future. I need to get better at short stories, and there are so many different themes and inspirations to follow! Go me!)

Blog posts! This one is not a promise because everybody says that when they've been gone and then they're on hiatus for another few years. I don't know where this is going to go or when I'm going to post again, so you're getting none of that information. that one day I will be here again, in your blog subscriptions or your twitter feed. Blogging. Probably ranting about something.


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  1. FIRST COMMENT ON AN AIMEE POST!!! *fist bump*

    I love this. Your life sounds so interesting and I just really like getting a little update on what you've been doing and everything. Idk, I just like it when you post because it's always real and idk...<3

    YES MORE BRIGHT EYES PODCASTSSSSSSSS. *screams forever* I finished season 1 like the day after the last episode was released and HOW COULD YOU AIMEE. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF ANYMORE LIKE HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FUNCTION WITH THAT SEASON ENDING?!?!? #wheresmilo #thetrishisoutthere

    YES GIVE ME ALLLLL THE PARIAH SNIPPETS, I need this novel in my life. *heart eyes*

    1. *first-comment award* *spoiler alert it is coffee*

      Thank you so much! It took me a long time to realize that you know, people actually want to know about my life, but HERE WE ARE. I'm so glad you're looking forward to Bright Eyes! We're working hard on Season 2 and it's going to be great.

  2. k but you would be an EXCELLENT film director 11/10 would support this 100%

    also i am ready for that short story immediately hand it over

    1. k but YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE THINGS thanks my fren

  3. It's so good to hear from you, that I'm just going to make a list:

    1. I can absolutely see you as a writer/director. GO FOR IT.
    2. Your tweeting rants are my favorite.
    3. Can't wait for Bright Eyes season 2!
    4. Can't wait for short story

    I adore your idea of taking extensive notes on movies + tv shows. I've done something similar, but not in a separate notebook or anything. And I think it is a way to turn entertainment into productivity (ish). If you interact with it, and learn from it, entertainment can actually benefit your mind instead of distracting it.


    1. 1. you're awesome
      2. you're awesome
      3. me too!
      4. you're gonna love it.

  4. *smacks you*

    Don't look at me like that... you asked for it xD

    Well done on all the projects you've been busy with and the ones you are going to embark on in the future.You can do it!

    1. I mean...I kinda do deserve it you're not wrong

  5. Hey Aimee!

    Super great to hear from you. The podcast sounds exciting! And the story about the Irish Mob, gosh! Where do you come up with your ideas?


  7. EEE YAY FOR FILM STUFF. I'm a self-proclaimed cinematography nerd :) Making videos is definitely one of my favorite things to do :)

  8. DUDE all your projects look so awesome! So pumped for all of this. Glad your 2018 is shaping up!


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