30 things you could do instead of writing a blog post (or reading this one)

by - 10/03/2017

Writing blog posts is the worst. Even when you want to write blog posts. 



the worst.

you know what you could do instead of writing a blog post? 

1. scroll through pinterest. 

Because...Pinterest. Infinitely more interesting and you can pretend like you're doing something productive even though you're not. 

2. talk to your family.

They're actually pretty cool, when you take the time to actually get to know them. 

3. listen to music. 

I'm going to recommend Sleeping At Last or Jon Bellion or Typhoon or Linkin Park but you do you. 

4. go for a hike. or a walk. just freaking take a walk through your actual neighborhood. 

Join the outside world for a second, my dude. 

5. play with your cat. 

Because cat

6. do that thing you're supposed to be doing that you really don't want to do

You should probably just do it already. 

7. read a book. 

A good book! One you enjoy! Or a crappy book. I don't rule your life. 

8. listen to my sci-fi fiction podcast

9. listen to any podcast ever

If you want whimsical, go Night Vale. If you want nonfiction and SPOOKY AS HECK, go Lore. Alternatively, find one you've never heard of and give it some traffic. 

10. go for a run. 

still more fun than blogging. 

11. do the dishes. 

Actually more fun than people make it out to be. 

12. rewatch mad max: fury road 

Or watch it for the first time, if you've never seen it before. WATCH IT. 

13. go to the theater and find something new to see. 

If you haven't really heard of it and it's not based on a book/past movie/tv show/something a famous person said one time, even better. 

14. write a letter. 

The most awesome of all the cliche #selfcare advice. Letters are the best. 

15. go hang out in the grocery store. buy some chocolate or something. 

Or get actual real groceries. Whatever. 

16. not write the blog post. 

I mean...

17. sit outside for a while. 

It won't kill you, I promise. (Note to self.) 

18. watch tv

Start a new show! Watch one you love! Watch The Office again! 

19. cry

I mean, it's always an option

20. make a blood sacrifice


21. run around in circles screaming like a maniac 

You laugh, but sometimes you just gotta. 

22. don't spend an outrageous amount of money or time on a pampering self-care thing you found on pinterest that's not actually practical or logical or makes any kind of sense seriously who has the time to take an elaborate bubble bath in the middle of avoiding their responsibilities 

23. read other people's blog posts. 

Sometimes, other people have cool things to say! Who knew? 

24. go to work. 

Make that monaaaaay. 

25. hang out with a real actual person 

Internet frens are the best and greatest but sometimes you have to interact with a real actual other person who's not an immediate member of your family! You'll survive, probably. Good luck. 

26. do something more challenging than writing a blog post 

For example, you could blend up some bricks. Or dig through your sidewalk. Or successfully sing a Les Mis song without your voice sounding like a dying cat.

27. spend a lot of money on amazon.com

You know you've done it. You know you'll do it again. Have some self-respect and at least admit that you have a problem. (Book people: see Thriftbooks. That applies here too.) 

28. more crying. 

Let's be real here, you probably need to. 

29. run a couple of miles on the treadmill 

Then go back to #28 for a while 

30. literally just live your life without ever writing another blog post ever 

You could, technically. And YOU WOULDN'T DIE. 

Go outside, ya nerd. 

- Aimee

(blog posts are all well and good and keeping up a blog is great, but sometimes we get ourselves into thinking that if we don't blog and blog awesomely and get all the posts out on time we're going to DIE and that's just not the truth. You're allowed to have a life. An internet blog is not going to make or break you. Unless you're making money from it. Then please continue.)

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  1. Actually though like I love this although I only understand like half it. #melikeeverysingleday

  2. Yes, like why does writing a blog post have to take a million years and feel like it never actually has a point? (Other than the fact that it never did have a point.) So accurate, Aimee.

  3. I RELATE TO THIS SO HARD. I looove blogging.


    But I HATE blogging.

  4. Basically exactly what happens when I try to write a post.

    I listen to Bright Eyes, just caught up and internally screaming.

  5. Dude, you're killing it. This. A thousand times this. Blogging is too stressful for life sometimes. #20 and #21 = yes.

  6. I don't blog but this is still the best thing I've read today. Also, who doesn't like to relax with a nice blood sacrifice? #yas

  7. Perhaps the best thing I've ever read.

  8. This was the most relatable, wonderful, hilarious thing I have read all day. (And I've been binge-reading blogs in a desperate attempt to catch up for at least an hour). I love you so much, fren xD


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