the friendly neighborhood journal: a writerly project for all of you!

by - 9/03/2017

We've been sitting on this for a while now, but now it's TIME. Brought to you by the creative geniuses of me and the lovely Caroline's the Friendly Neighborhood Journal!

"What is this friendly neighborhood journal, Aimee?"

About a month ago, I posted on Twitter about the fact that I didn't have any bookmarks. (Aside from an expired Hot Topic coupon, but yknow.) Within hours a good handful of you messaged me offering to send me bookmarks. Since then I've been getting letters from all over the country, sometimes all over the world, and I have a mug full of handmade bookmarks that make my cold and frozen heart warm over occasionally. (So thanks for nothing, giving me emotions.) Getting so much love and encouragement from my fellow creatives came at a time when I really needed it, and since then I started thinking that I wanted to make the same thing happen for other people, something to connect us lonely hermit people in a more physical way than just words on the internet. 

I mentioned this to Caroline, and as always, she had a lovely and amazing idea: what if we shipped a journal about the country, asking our frens to contribute before sending it onward? Like chain mail, except less spammy and annoying and more friendly and fun. 

The Friendly Traveling Journal was born. 

The Friendly Neighborhood Journal is:

  • an actual, physical journal, written in by both Caroline and I 
  • a journal we will mail to you in the real actual mail 
  • a journal you can write in -- whatever you want. (stories, poems, songs, ramblings about your day, lists, whatever your heart desires.)
  • a journal you will ship to the next friend once you're done 
  • a traveling connection of words from your fellow writer/creative friends, a collaborative project of encouragement and life. 
We wanted to do something that would connect all of us in a very real way, that would give us an opportunity to share words with writers. (We're in the US, so it's US based, but if you're willing to pay international shipping our international friends are welcome to sign up also!) You'll fill a few pages with whatever you want to share with the rest of us and mail it onward, so at the end we'll have a nice collection of wonderful things. 

How do I participate in the journal? 

  • you sign up on the google form that I'll embed below 
  • you give us your name, email address, physical shipping address, etc (your address stays with us, and won't be shared with anyone except the person sending it to you and the person you'll send it on to.)
  • the journal is shipped to you! we'll shoot you an email when the package is on its way to you. 
  • you contribute to the journal. all the words, yay!
  • optional: you take a picture of yourself with the journal and post it on instagram/twitter, #thefriendlyneighborhoodjournal
  • we give you the address of the next friend, and you ship it to them within a week or two! you'll be responsible for your own shipping fees, but it's rarely over $5-$10 dollars.
If you can send it on within the required time, and you're willing to participate in this awesome thing (which you totally should), you can fill out the THING BELOW: 

You don't have to sign up if you follow this blog except that you have to, but you most definitely should. It's gonna be lovely. 

- Aimee & Caroline

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  1. This is really neat! I signed up. :)

  2. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! You two are so creative. I can't wait to see where this goes! :D

  3. This is seriously the cutest and coolest idea almost ever. I sadly can't sign up because of things like having now money but I'm excited to see all of the cute photos. This sounds so cute!!!

  4. This is absolutely awesome. I'd sign up, but I'm slightly paranoid about giving my personal info to peeps online, so I won't be signing up. I DO HOWEVER LOVE THE IDEA AND THINK IT'S SUPER COOL AND EXCITING. <3

  5. when's the last date to sign up??? (also: this is such a rad idea)

  6. Super excited! I can't wait to be a part!

  7. This is BRILLIANT!!! I am so unbelievably excited for this!! :) <3 <3 <3

  8. This is officially the most amazing idea ever <333 Everything is usually done over the Internet these days, but having an actual journal show up with actual handwriting it in???? THIS IS AWESOME.

    audrey caylin


  10. Wait, this is awesome! You're brilliant people. xx

  11. THIS IS INCREDIBLE WHY DO I NOT LIVE IN THE US????? I'm actually considering just doing the international shipping thing!!! Exceeeeppt someone would have to send it from the US to me, so it would cost them, too. Ugh. I was thinking about this earlier today, actually, I only have one or two British bloggy pals. I don't really know why. Where are they all? ~stares moodily into the Scottish sea~

    But man, this is the BEST IDEA EVER and I LOVE it. Can't wait to hear more about this!!!

    PS hey look, I found your new blog! I think I fell off the barricade, but when you left me that lovely comment I was like "wait a minute where IS Aimee at" and I discovered you! Which I am VERY happy about.


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