care package #1 // august

by - 9/02/2017

As I write this it's the night before this goes up -- I'm hiding in a hotel closet so my family isn't annoyed by the clackity keyboard noises, it's almost midnight, and I'm thinking about the fact that I'll be at the beach tomorrow experiencing my favorite place in the world. I have a headache and I'm sore from being in the car all day. Now, though, I have a chance before sleeping to catch my breath, and as much as I'd rather just go crash, I'm going to finish this post first. 
Because dedication, or something. 

It's September 1st! But if we're being honest, it doesn't feel like August is quite over yet. This month stretched out in the worst of ways. My brain is tired and my lil withered soul is tired and my body is tired and bruised and I'm ready to move to the beach and not leave, thanks a lot. August was a month of new things and existential crisis and panic attacks springing back up and late nights and school starting and trying to get my crap together.

Blogging happened, too, one of the few things that felt good.

I don't know if it was a good month or a bad one. I don't know anything except the fact that I'm tired and confused and ready to be done with this year so I can move on to the next stage of life. Everyone seems to be excited about summer ending and fall beginning, sweater-weather and all that, but here in the hotel closet I can feel seasonal depression breathing down my neck and my hatred of cold weather creeping up my spine, and it feels like things...are about to get a lot worse. I'm not ready to let go of summer yet. My next few weeks will be spent in the lovely-weathered South Carolina, which won't help the weather transition, I'm sure. 
in which max is me reacting to august.
On the old blog I used to do monthly wrap-ups. I don't hate the idea, still, and I'd like a way to look back on the months as they pass, but this is a new blog, a fresh start, so we're going to try a bit of a different format. Consider this less me wrapping up my month and talking all about Aimee and more me mailing you a care package of nice things I found this month. Things I loved, things I obsessed over, things I think you'd like to, things that got my brain working and made me feel inspired. They aren't organized by category or anything specific. explosion of things. Then maybe in the comments you can share some stuff you were into and it'll be a nice explosion of gifts for each other, yeah?

Here are some things I was into during August. 

For your ears:

White Lighter by Typhoon

For when you just really need to watch something that isn't angsty:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


For when you want to hear about good music and also somebody flailing over space:

Image result for sleeping at last podcast

For when you want to learn something:

The Evil Hours by David J Morris (good for research, not for the faint of heart)

Image result for the evil hours cover

For when you want a delightful fantasy movie featuring very young Charlie Cox: 

Image result for charlie cox stardust gif

For when you need to interact with an amazing human: 

My fren Sierra!!! (Her book The Color Project is out now. And you should buy it and cry.)

For when you want a movie that has giant robots, and aliens, and nice faces, and lots of pretty colors and also robots punching aliens

Pacific Rim, my new favorite sci-fi movie. So satisfying.

Please tell me ALL THE THINGs you've been into. I might also be into them. We can scream. It'll be great. 

G'night from my hotel room somewhere in South Carolina, 

- Aimee

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  1. SOUTH CAROLINA!! One of my all time favorite places. I'm from cold snowy Wisconsin, so I feel ya on the changing weather thing.

    My mini care package to you:

    Redemption Songs album by Jars of Clay - very soothing and peaceful.

    The Photo Ark by Joel Sartore - a book of photography of weird and wild and amazing animals in the world. So so beautiful.

    The final episode in the Defenders, which is a wild ride with amazing music. <3 (I swear whenever Luke Cage comes on screen the music gets 10x better.)

    1. Ahhh that Jars of Clay song <3 AND DEFENDERS. Ugh. Agreed 10000%.

  2. August flew by for me. I love finding new music and shows, all of these look awesome.

  3. OH MY WORD I LOVE PACIFIC RIM!! It's so flail worthy, I mean, obviously. Okay, here's my little mini care package!

    When you need reassurance that God hasn't forgotten you – Doubt by Twenty One Pilots <3<3 #myfav

    When you just need this band in your life – anything by Ashes Remain

    When you wanna cringe and scream and cry "oh my gosh" at crazy moms – Dance Moms (it's on Amazon Prime and it's completely ridiculous)

    When you want to read the best contemporary novel with fluffy romance – Martin Hospitality by Abigayle Claire

    When you need to read a biography/classic school book – The Diary of Anne Frank (my family is reading it together and it's really good.)

    I could probably think of more, but I think that's good for this month. OH, I finally started my very own bullet journal. #coolthings

    1. Ahhhh all the cute things. <3 Bullet journals are the best!

    2. Haha leave it up to me to be cute lol

  4. Awh I love the "care package" concept! This month I went on a Leigh Bardugo binge and reread a bunch of her books which was super fun, and I listened to lots of Broadway tunez + Harry Potter soundtracks.

    1. Ahhh sounds delightful! I need to get back into Broadway.

  5. September is the beginning of a big new season for me, and although I'm EXCITED for what's to come, I've spent much of August reflecting and soaking in everything that I love about my current season. I want to look back on this time and remember that it was hard and crazy, happy and good. I want to remember that I didn't run away from it, that I was content, and that I moved on for all the right reasons.
    I feel like everyone's been rushing Fall. They want sweaters and hot cocoa and stuff. But I'm not ready to rush. I like sweaters, but I like shorts, bonfires, and summer nights with friends, too. I'm excited for my new season, but I love this old one too. I don't need pumpkins to make me satisfied, you know? I think a lot of people are going to wake up one day and realize they missed out on so much in the present because they were always waiting on the future.

    I guess I just meant to say that I know where you're coming from. I'm not ready to let go of summer, either. And I think that's okay.

    1. Well,this is a lovely comment. <3 Here's hoping September goes well for you! New things can be terrifying and rough at first, so I hope your transition is/has been a lovely and blessed one.

  6. I went to Edisto with my family a couple years ago; it's absolutely lovely. I've always liked winter and preferred wind, sweaters, snow, and grayness to walking out the door and immediately sweating. This time of year is neither, it just rains a lot. September is a weird month that sorta gets absorbed into August and October a lot of the time, both in weather and in events/responsibilities.
    I pretty much drowned myself in musicals all summer. I decided on a whim to commit to at least doubling the number of shows I was familiar with (not for any real reason, as I can't sing, dance, or act. I was just really bored), and I did, but now I've like...forgotten what normal music sounds like. Anyway, I don't have too many cool shows or books to recommend to you, but one that you should definitely check out is Matthew Stover's novelization of Revenge of the Sith. Also, if you're into cartoons at all, Samurai Jack is super artistic and awesome.

  7. I'm not ready to let go of summer, either. But we're going make it through. Enjoy the beach, Aimee:) You're going to rock this month.

    1. Thank youuu Grace! There are some things to look forward to this September ;)

  8. I'm not excited about autumn either. I love the autumn weather (any Texan would) but summer just has this . . . freedom to it? Fall always makes me remember that the future is a thing and that I don't have my crap together. I don't know. We'll make it through.

    1. Ugh yeah, I'm missing summer already and it's just now ended. (I hope you're safe out there in Texas?)


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