the people have spoken (and NaNo starts tomorrow)

by - 10/31/2017

A little while ago, I had the very dumb brilliant idea to let the internet choose my NaNoWriMo project for this year.

You came through for me.

While you were enthusiastic about all the things (very unhelpfully, sinnce that was supposed to be my job) a clear winner emerged, and I'm happy to announce that it was the one I was hoping would win anyway. 

So there. 
This NaNo (in less than a week now!!) I'll be writing my sci-fi heist novel, Finch.

Finch Tolliday has everything he could ever want: rich parents, his own spacecraft, a budding career in ballet with a dance partner who happens to be his best friend, and a knack for conning his family's rich friends out of their fortunes on the side. With the universe's biggest dance competition fast-approaching and his future success resting on it, Finch hardly has time to think about his more illegal hobbies. However, when a mysterious party approaches him with the opportunity to pull off one of the biggest heists interstellar high-society has ever seen, the challenge is too much for him to resist. 

The fact that he's stealing his own father's luxury spaceship is just a sidenote.

This one has a special place in my heart -- the main character is particularly close to me (my ESTP soul twin, you could say)  and those sci-fi vibes have me excited. (HERE IS THE PINTEREST BOARD.) It's about friendship and heists and the cold void of space and being a man and making the right choices, and also, yknow, did I mention heists? 

This first week of NaNo is a special one. I'm starting it with a week-ish retreat at the home of my cohorts-in-podcasting, Sydney and Cyrus, so it'll be a week of creativity and coffee and writing like mad. Hopefully I can churn out all the words so I'm a little ahead when I get home and my 30-hr work weeks crush me like a very sleepy bug. (Unless I follow my own advice for NaNo but let's be real, that never happens.)

Lots of people are offering advice for NaNo. We're too close to the start for me to offer anything else that's going to be helpful, so I'm going to give you the thing that motivates me more than anything else. 

Just do the thing.

There are a thousand excuses for why you shouldn't/can't do it. There are a thousand reasons to give up. Don't. Push through. Through the suckiness, through the not wanting to do it, through all of it. 

Literally just do it. Sit down, write the words, ignore all the voices in your head. 


That's all I got. I'll be updating you every weekend with snippets and word count updates, so you can know how much I'm screaming internally and all that good stuff. 

Good luck. 
- Aimee

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  1. YAS NANO IS ALMOST HERE. *frenzied panicking* Good luck with writing your novel! It sounds like a cool one!! :) And Happy Halloween!

  2. *has a small panic attack about NaNo starting TOMORROW* Yes, let us all just sit down and write the thing. I'm starting to wonder why I thought this was a good idea...but it's a little too late to second guess myself now. So wish me luck!

  3. YAAAAAY!!! Finch won! :D I cannot waaaaait to hear about it and get snippets. Yes, precious, we needs themmm.


    I hope you have the most amazing one! <333

  4. This sounds like an epic story, best of luck!

  5. hi i'm so behind on blogging but just have to say that this is my favorite story ever and i love you. <3


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